United Arab Emirates

Today we are in the middle of a dramatic global shift.
Innovation and technologies are advancing at an unprecedented rate… transforming and reshaping not only our personal lives, but also our societies, our economies and the environment.
This rapid evolution presents both challenges and opportunities for us. there are many unforeseen events that we have come across, and many more to come.
Success will ultimately depend on how well we navigate through these changes and find innovative solutions that will give us a brighter outcome.
But, before we look forward to the future, we need to take a quick step back to learn from the lessons of the past and understand the realities of the present.


Only fifty-two years ago, Dubai joined six other emirates and came together to formally establish the United Arab Emirates – a historic move that came in response to the rapid changes after the discovery of oil.
The Union is also a testament to the importance that the leaders place on partnerships that collectively create and secure success for its members.
In the decades that followed, the UAE has built a strong reputation for its determination to create an impact to the region and the world not only in terms of economics, but also in the fields of governance, technology, innovation, sustainability, and humanitarian efforts.
Today, we are benefiting from their efforts to position Dubai and the rest of the UAE as facilitators – and multipliers– of opportunity.
As a firsthand witness of the extraordinary journey of Dubai, I have seen how it sparks  and ignites the enterprising spirit.
Dubai’s enterprising spirit fuels its commitment to be in a constant state of reinvention, not as a mere replica of Europe or any other region, but as a dynamic force that takes the best from around the world and tailors it to its unique landscape.
Here, a European resident and his family can find a lifestyle they are accustomed to.
Dubai really is a destination at the crossroads of the world… an emirate of more than 200 nationalities that provides opportunities from Dubai to the world.
Dubai is not just a place; it is a vision in motion…with a clear direction toward becoming one of the happiest and smartest cities in the world.
This vision drives Dubai’s targets and focus points, centered on creating a society that thrives economically, environmentally, and socially.
Dubai is one of only a few cities in the world that has set its own Happiness Agenda which aims to use data and technology-driven approaches to measure and impact the happiness of its citizens and its expatriates.
Rather than ask “what does it mean to be happy?”, our leadership asked the question “what do we need to be happy?”.
This goal of making Dubai the happiest and smartest city in the world has already led to many positive outcomes:
Dubai has been leveraging emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science to deliver more personalized, more efficient, and more sustainable services for its residents and visitors.
In fact, two years ago, the Dubai government has achieved its goal of becoming a 100% paperless government, which has resulted in cutting down the use of up to 36 million sheets of paper during its implementation phase.
Dubai has also made great efforts in giving its residents and visitors peace of mind.
For example, it has ranked first in the “Women, Peace and Security Index”  where almost 99% of women said that they felt SAFE walking alone in their neighborhoods at night.
As a father, I am truly grateful to be in such a safe and secure location.
Dubai transcends mere rhetoric; it is driven by action, from its leadership down to its people.
Dubai has harnessed its heritage as an oil-based economy to transform itself and invest in future-focused industries building world-class infrastructure across air, sea, land, and rail.
Striking a delicate balance between deregulation and international standards, Dubai has proven its quick action and resilience, particularly over the recent global events.
Dubai is a community that values strong individuals who seek to excel…
providing clear rules and regulations that create a fair environment for everyone to participate and succeed.
While performance is paramount, Dubai also extends a helping hand to those in need, showcasing its commitment to social responsibility 
through initiatives such as the “One Billion Meals Program” that has provided food aid to millions of families around the world, and creating access and opportunities to people of determination.
Globally, Dubai is also a recognized hub for crisis and relief efforts. 
For the past 20 years, Dubai has utilized its strategic position and logistics infrastructure to quickly mobilize the efforts of organizations such as the United Nations, the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), and many others…from the COVID pandemic responses in Asia and Africa to the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.
Dubai’s action is focused beyond the here and now.
Investing in the future and embracing cutting-edge innovation and technologies are embedded in Dubai’s DNA. From ambitious transport projects such as the Hyperloop, to next generation agriculture 
and renewable energy, Dubai has successfully transitioned away from an oil economy, ensuring sustainable growth and development for generations to come.
You only need to look at the Dubai Economic Agenda or D33 to see the leadership’s greater ambitions to grow the Dubai economy to $8.7 trillion by 2033, adding 400 more cities to its foreign trade map, and launching a sandbox project for the testing and commercialization of new technologies.
And speaking about tech, Dubai’s ambition for growth in this exciting realm is equally ambitious.
Its shorter-term goals include attracting a least 300 new digital startups to Dubai by the end of 2024 and having a digital economy worth over US$100 billion annually by 2031.
Dubai is also home to the National Program for Coders, which aims to attract 100,000 coders from around the world by providing them with different incentives and support.
But Dubai’s achievements are not limited to its stunning skyline or its economic success. It boasts educational institutions tailored to students from specific countries, ensuring a world-class education for all.
Additionally, Dubai is positioned as one of the top 3 re-export hubs in the world after Hong Kong and Singapore, offering unmatched trade opportunities and access to markets not only in the UAE, but more importantly THROUGH the UAE to the Middle East, Africa & Asia.
In conclusion, Dubai is a destination of infinite opportunities, a place where dreams come true, and innovation thrives.
Its leadership goes beyond words, actively driving progress and prosperity, a boundless potential Dubai offers to businesses from around the world.
I invite each and every one of you to speak to us. Let’s explore the possibilities that wait for you in this great destination, whether you are a business owner, a startup, an authorized partner, or even someone looking to start your career…We are here to support you.
Let’s seize the moment. Together.